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Moved out of the UK 

Happy New Year to you all.

So The Duo Effect is on hold right now despite a few offers due to I had been preparing to move to Japan, I had to sell off some of my belongs and pack the rest ready for shipping to Japan, had to empty my apartment back in Wales ready to put up for renting. My wife and I bought a brand new house in Japan and I left the UK on the 13th Dec 2019.

At the moment my priority is looking after my 19 month old son whilst my wife is in hospital. I'm also waiting to hear back about my VISA here so I can finally ship all my belongings to Japan, which I'm told will take between 8 to 16 weeks to arrive.

Im having a great time in Japan and I think Im adjusting well (even though I can't speak any Japanese) and the house is coming on nicely.

Maybe The Duo Effect will be back late 2020, or maybe I'll move onto other things.

New Vocalist 

I would like to announce The Duo Effects new vocalist from Portsmouth in the UK, Chloe.

Chloe has been gigging and busking every week around Portsmouth for the last 2 years in Duo’s and bands, she's just played a few festivals over the summer period and released her first album.

Good luck to Bevelyn 

Due to Bevelyn being pregnant, she has left the Duo Effect, we finished our contact onboard the Celebrity Infinity early and I wish her all the best and pray for a safe and healthy birth for her.

Theirs a replacement singer ready, but currently waiting for a new contract to come up somewhere.

Thank you 

Thank you guys for supporting us and following us about on the ships, for all those great guest comment cards (it really helps keep us in a job, for all the guys who previously purchased CDs from us, and for those who have tipped us.

We have recently been told that we are no longer able to sell our CDs onboard so we have resorted to giving them away to the tippers no matter how tall or high.

We hope you all made it home safely, maybe we'll meet again in the future.