Record a Demo

Have you ever dreamt to have an MP3 of yourself singing your favourite song, to give to your Mum or Dad, or to your spouse, or to give as a present to a friend because it's different, or to just have for fun, Well now you can have that.
Maybe you want to buy some recording time for a friend or family member? or you are a professional singer that needs a demo but doesn't have the means or knowledge to do it yourself.
100's of songs to choose from? Or maybe you have your own track already.

Just send me a message using the form at the bottom of this page, let me know the song you would like to sing and when you would like to come in and record.

I have a personal parking space in a private car park if you drive.

Details for the recording process:

To start, you would sing along to the song as a practise run, so I can get my recording levels and for you to make sure all is well in the headphones, then we begin the recording process.

Time needed is dependant on the person singing, how many 'Takes' you want to do? If you want to use 1 Take, or record a few Takes and pick the best parts from each one of them to build your perfect Take, but this option would require more time.

Mixing will vary on how many 'Tracks' you use, 1 track might be your lead vocal, but you may also want to add your own backing vocal(s) and what effects, reverbs are used on your voice. Please see the Track List Player below to hear examples 

As a paid extra, you can Master the track, this is not required, but it is recommended, this process will make your track sound bigger, and push the volume up to its highest without peaking creating distortion, you won't be present for this part and you can master a song at any time,  so if you decide 6 months after recording your track that you want mastering, then that's ok.
Please see the Track List Player below to hear examples 

*It is recommended to buy 2 hours of time per Track, or if you are recording 2 to 4 tracks just add on an additional hour.

£15 per hour  (recommended to book 2 hours per Track = £30)
£10 for half hour (if extra time is required)

£15 per track to Master 

If you would like your Track burned to a blank CD, this will cost you £1 extra. MP3 version is free.

Mon to Sun from 11am until 6pm


The more tracks you do, the more time is needed, but much of this is dependant on how prepared you are in knowing the song(s) you have chosen, and how many takes you do.